The SOLE Has Landed

Ever have someone or something totally get away from you?  You know, like for instance when you run into a friend in the aisle at Target you haven’t seen in a while and before you head your separate ways you make a promise to get together soon.  You don’t want that kind of time getting away with you again and you even feel pretty bad that you let it slip like that in the first place…  Or maybe it’s a sweater or pair of shoes that you find buried in your closet after the summer heat is gone and you had forgotten how great they were to wear.  I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately.   Especially when it comes to exercise!

For several years now I have been a member of a gym, but this fall after a series of health events, life changes, schedule changes, etc, etc, etc…  I found myself driving past the gym waaaaay more than I was stopping and going in.   I’ve really been missing it, not the gym environment, but the actual exercise part. Maybe you’ve done it too, one day your there doing your thing, and then it’s a week, and then a month and then you’re huffing up the stairs one day and you wonder to yourself when you’re going to find the time to get back to that exercise routine, when you’re going to hang out with that old friend?  Yep, totally me.

So anyway, I was at the Dick’s Sporting Goods store a few weeks ago getting swim team gear with my daughter,  and I saw an old buddy of mine there.  Well, not the exact same buddy, but a familiar substitute, and I felt the pang of desire to get back at it!  I made a commitment to myself to get back on track and visit my old friend the gym.  I’d love to tell you that I was so inspired and excited about my friend sighting that I hustled myself right down there, but I didn’t.  The same old life awaited me at home and carving out the extra time for driving and waiting on other gym rats is just not on my side right now!  A few more weeks went by before I really got hungry for it!  But now, I am happy to report, the hunger (and the pain, lol) is back!  And it is good!

Part of the solution for getting in regular cardio workouts was to get set up for them here at home.  We have the space, I have the motivation and it’s something I have been considering for quite a while, so after some very minor arm-twisting of the husband, I have a new work out buddy!

I'd like you to meet my new friend, SOLE 🙂

Isn’t SOLE beautiful?  (Sorry, I can’t bring myself to call it a him or a her yet, maybe later.)  I am so excited!!!  Time to get back in touch with my health and the body that is a gift God gave me!  Now, off to catch up on something that is long over due!

One thought on “The SOLE Has Landed

  1. Sole looks like he/she will be a good friend to you! I picked out a friend “the treadmill” and put my TV right in front of it. Nearly a year later, I sold it to a plumber who came to our house. But unlike you, I never missed exercise so you and “sole” will be best buddies I know it!

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