Taking a Summer Break…

I didn’t plan this long summer break of not blogging, I have so much I would love to write about!  Alas… it’s summer and the kids are all home.  It seems there is no time for writing!   But I shall not complain, for in a month for the first time ever all three will head off to school for the full school day and I will have time for such lofty things.   So until then, I will be relishing every moment that my three sweets are around the house…. playing Lego, teaching the girls to sew, and of course Back to School SHOPPING, and when I’m not doing stuff like that,  I’ll be hiding from them in the bathroom!   I’ll warn you now though, I’m going to need you in a few weeks when my oldest girl starts High School, my younger girl is in Junior High and my lil’ guy starts Kindergarten!

PS~ It’s been a very eventful summer!  Lots of great stories to tell!  One of the first will probably involve a story about wolves, sharks and the groomsman to the left in this picture!

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