Me, Uncensored

So, I haven’t been writing much lately, much less putting up any blog posts and the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about why that could be.

Do I like to write? (Uh, maybe that’s the wrong question to ask a writer…)  The long answer boils down to a simple YES!

Do I have something to say?  Well, I think so.

So if  those answers are a yes than why, besides the “B” word, am I not doing it?  I mean busy can’t be the excuse for everything!

I think it all goes back to my age-old nemesis named Fear.   What am I afraid of writing about here in my very own space?  Lots of people write about all kinds of stuff and seem to do so with reckless abandon.  What’s my problem?  So… I made a list that goes something like this:

What if nobody reads it?  What if everybody reads, and nobody likes it?

What if I say something stupid?  What if I embarrass myself?

What if nobody makes any comments?  What if somebody gets mad about what I say and they make a comment?

What if it’s not ‘good’?  What if my blog never looks all slicked up like The Pioneer Woman?  What if I never have a cookbook like The Pioneer Woman?!

Ok, enough with the list, lest I loose you all to P-dub!

And then I thought about why I started this adventure in the first place, to tell my story.  My story.  There are heroes and there are villains.  It’s filled with love and laced with pain.  Sometimes you will agree with my opinion or my actions and sometimes you won’t.  But I’m ok with that, it’s a big blogosphere out there, there’s room for anyone’s opinion- anyone brave enough to speak it.  So here I go!  I suppose a New Years resolution of sorts, to just relax already and be myself.  To be me, uncensored.

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