Kristin Stewart as Snow White?

OK- So I just read that Kristin Stewart is being “courted for the role of Snow White.”

Really?  Well, that’s an original idea!

I can see it now, “Your short, you wear floppy hats and funny clothes, yyyyou whistle while you work….”

“You sleep in tiny little beds, you sing, “Hi-ho, hi-ho, hi-ho” all day long, I can’t resist kissing you on the forehead!  Your, your… Dwarfs! ”



Then she will have to bite and apple and die and then be brought back to life!!!!!!!

That means there will be ANOTHER APPLE SCENE!!!

***Is this thing on?***



Type casting anyone?

She’ll even get to finally wear a cape!!!!!

This is like a bad dream that keeps on giving!

2 thoughts on “Kristin Stewart as Snow White?

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