Spam Mysterious Spam

Just a little bored lately, so I decided to empty my spam!

Man there were a lot of missed opportunites in there!  Here were the ones that were hardest to miss out on, in no particular order of course!  😉


I could have won 5,000 british pounds worth of gas!-  This was thanks to the entry I apparently submitted!  Who knew?!

A diplomat in Dallas texas has my funds!-  Wow!  Sadly, I missed out on that one by not contacting him with my Name, Address, Phone Number, and Social Security Number by December 31.  Do you think he’d make an exception?

I can lean how to dance like a porn star- FOR FREE!-  Well, now there’s a no risk investment!

I can get 500 Free business cards for $3.99 + shipping!-  Wow!  As Tom Petersen used to say, “Free is a very good price!”

I can See who’s searching for me!-  All they need is a little bit of my personal information and they’ll get right on it!

Learn how to become a top chef without attending any classes!-  Ok, so I do like to cook…

I can regain_my_independence!-  Sounds like babysitting to me!

Lots of people love me because they called me “Dearest One.”-  I feel so loved!

And Kevin REALLY wants me to have a nice day, he sent me 9 emails in one day saying so…

So what’s in your Spam?

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