They Like Me!

Wow! What a weekend! Who knew 48 hours would make such a difference? I am on cloud 9! No, no, no… forget 9! I’m on cloud 10 and cloud 11 is with reach!

Two weeks ago I was sitting on my sofa, burning time on the web when I came across The Midwest Writing Center website and a link to the Quad-Cities Christian Writers’ Conference. For some time now I’ve been working on a story that I’d like to publish someday, you’ve read some of it right here on this site, but I’ve been feeling absolutely clueless about how to make that happen. Having no knowledge about the business end of the intimidating publishing world and a deep sense of insecurity about my own ability as a storyteller, most days I had successfully talked myself into the idea that my dreams were just that- dreams.

The next day I took a deep breath and jumped in to the pool! I signed up for the conference and, as I prepared some writing samples for critique, I wondered about how deep my end of the pool was going to be. Serious second thoughts started flooding in and I gave my insecurities a talking to.  Either I was going to suck it up and swim or get out of the pool all together. I admit, I let my insecurities chatter a little bit more over the next few days, but on Friday morning I left the warmth of my home. Feeling a little bit like I was headed to a Polar Bear Competition, I headed to the conference. And guess what!

They liked me! They liked me! They liked me!!!

Here is how my critique ended:

“Vicki, You’ve mastered some writing skills that some intermediate writers still struggle with, so have confidence in your ability.  You have a story to tell, and you’re well on your way towards telling it.  Great job, and thanks for being vulnerable enough to let someone read your work for the first time.  If anything I’ve written discourages you, please know that I’ve nitpicked in a few places only because I see REAL potential in your writing and I know that you can do something with this!  Keep it up.”

I was so excited to have received the positive the opinion of a professional that I could have left after that meeting and been completely content, but there was still more to come!

Every year at the end of the Quad-Cities Christian Writers’ Conference they give out one award- The Promising Pen. This year the one who received the coveted award was (Drum Roll Please!)…


Here’s the beautiful proof, my first award as a writer!Yes, I am very excited, but I am also so extremely thankful for you, my supportive readers. You have been and will continue to be appreciated more than I can adequately express! Thank you for your encouragement! You breathe life into my story.

Now, on to cloud 11!!!

8 thoughts on “They Like Me!

  1. Way to go, Vicki! That’s wonderful!! You have such a way with words….can’t wait to read the “finished product”! 🙂

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