You Can Never Have Too Many


I have a confession to make.  I’m in love with a white box.  A white box with the prettiest shade of blue writing on it.  It comes to visit me after I visit the website, and it always seems to know just what I was dreaming about.  Sometimes it arrives on my doorstep the very next day! Often times there are several new friends inside this magical white box.  Sometimes there are even friends of the same variety, but in different colors or sizes.  I usually adore each of my new friends, but on occasion something is a little wrong or we just don’t hit it off, so without any problem at all, the white box carries them away.

This is what was inside the white and blue box the last time it arrived:

How fun are they?!  I wish I could show you more pictures, but you can see more if you click the link.  I love you white box!  You ROCK my socks!

PS- Just sharing something I like with you, not endorsing it or getting a penny from it!